Exercise & Diet

Exercise & Diet

Exercise & Diet

Everyone has their passion in life and mine is certainly “Healthy Living” and every aspect of it.

It is 3D- physical, emotional and spiritual – all intertwined and interdependent.

It is truly my wish for every one of my patients to be their best in these 3 spheres of life. It is a striving for myself and I am very aware of the battle it creates in our lives.

I love to share my own story of eating well and exercising.

It is VERY important to adhere to scientific evidence which is emerging daily.

With so much health information out there in websites and health and fitness magazines, confusion can often arise which can be understood in the light of new evidence emerging nearly on a daily basis.

All evidence needs to be evaluated in the light of scientific research criteria.

This has been done for you by Dr Joel Fuhrman in his book “Eat to Live”.

The evidence that he gives is knowledge which is empowering and leads to change in the way we think about our health and how we relate to food.

It is a must read!

I would love to assist you in the very personal journey towards health and happiness!