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2016 Update:

A special thanks to all the locum doctors who have been here since Dr Peter Scott came in 2012. They have made it possible for me to have time off and away with my family.
Dr Michal Amir was my locum (shared with a colleague who works at Calvary Hospital) during the Dec2015 and Jan holidays. I do appreciate her high standard of work and care for my patients. She worked for 4 weeks covering both practices, 24/7, mainly obstetrics. She also might be looking at returning for another 2 week locum at the end of 2016.

One of the hardest things over the years for me was leaving my patients in the care of another doctor. In my mind I already know and anticipate the way forward with and for the patient and “letting go” is not always easy. However like-minded doctors have one focus when at work: healthy mum, healthy bub! It is my responsibility to provide a locum who is “like minded” and whom I trust. My patients can rest in that assurance. Hey off course the locum is not a cloned “Ettie” I wish! I would clone 7 of me-1 for each kid (I have 4) and 2 for my husband and 1 for my patients! Then I would never need to be away from my patients…..

A special thanks to my colleague who has covered for many weekends and holidays and who does so with the same love and care as with her own patients. It is a privilege to work with her and I support her in the same way. Between the 2 of us we cover more than 90% of obstetric cases at Calvary Hospital.

I do believe we have a unique situation here in Wagga Wagga with the private maternity unit at Calvary Hospital.

All other towns have a PUBLIC obstetric service and patients delivering there are not always guaranteed to have the doctor of their choice available after hours. The public sector is also a training service and patients are faced with receiving care from trainees on all levels. More info about the new public hospital in Wagga and what to expect with the new services will be given at time of consultation.

I am available 24/7 for private patients booked into Calvary Hospital. Some private patients prefer to book into WWRRH under my care and also have my services available to them 24/7.

BEFORE I came to Wagga, this private service as well as the public maternity services were covered by specialist obstetrician (a total of 5 specialists residing in Wagga) who had to cover both hospitals when on call. I believe there were many GP obstetricians who at the time helped ease the workload by taking care of low risk patients but needed the specialist cover for when their low risk patient turned into high risk.

THE NUMBER OF SPECIALIST OBSTETRICIANS TODAY in Wagga Wagga who work over both sectors (private and public) has now risen to 4: Myself and 3 others. The public sector also has 1 staff specialist (staff specialist=Obstetrician and Gynaecologist who works in the public sector.) There is 1 GP obstetrician who offers his services to low risk patients who want to deliver with a private career at the public sector.

This is the total number of full time Obstetrician and Gynaecologist specialists/GP servicing the Riverina. HOWEVER, the on call services between the 2 hospitals is not shared. THEREFORE I am on call for all of my private patients every single day of the year unless I am out of Wagga (on holidays or conferences).

Many after hour services at the public sector are still covered by a LOCUM service.