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For the management of stress urinary incontinence the starter pack comes with one of each size for you to trial:  small, medium and large.

Designed by an Australian gynaecologist, Contiform is a revolutionary product for incontinence that is softly contoured to be worn discreetly and comfortably inside the vagina. Contiform stops wetness by supporting the urethra and restoring the body’s natural anatomy.

Contiform can be easily inserted by women in the privacy of their own home. It compresses down and is inserted into the vagina in much the same way as you would insert a tampon. It can either be worn all day, for women who prefer, or need, the reassurance of wearing it constantly to avoid leaking when coughing, sneezing or laughing; or worn just for activities that make you leak such as exercise sessions, a game of netball or doing the gardening.

Contiform is an excellent choice for :

  • active women who find they only leak during exercise e.g. jogging, netball
  • managing stress urinary incontinence whilst working on a pelvic floor strengthening programme
  • women who have improved their pelvic floor muscle tone to the point where they only experience leakage in certain conditions, where Contiform can provide effective protection.
  • can also be used successfully by new mothers, although not within six weeks of delivery

However, Contiform should be removed for cleaning at night.
Contiform should be replaced every 45-60 days (or longer if used infrequently).

Contiform is easy and comfortable to use once you have found the size that is right for you. Some women find, just like using tampons for the first time, that it may take a little practise to get used to. Because every woman is different, all three sizes are included in the Starter Pack. This allows you to determine the size which is most suitable. Once you have done this, when you need a replacement, just order in your size.

To determine the size for you, first try the Medium size, the one in the silver storage pack. Once inserted it should feel comfortable and prevent leakage. If it doesn’t feel comfortable or you have difficulty emptying your bladder when you are wearing it, swap to the smaller size. Alternatively, try the Large size if the Medium is comfortable but you find that you’re still leaking. The manufacturer suggests that first time users have Contiform fitted by a professional continence nurse or physiotherapist to ensure it is inserted and fitted correctly. It should feel comfortable once inserted.

The manufacturer also recommends that you use the removal ribbon that is included with each Contiform start pack as it makes removing Contiform much safer and easier.

Small Medium and Large in Starter Pack
Individual sizes available in Replacement packs

When NOT to use Contiform:

*During sexual intercourse.
* If you are pregnant.
* If you have any vaginal infections such as thrush.
* If you have any vaginal erosions or soreness.
* If you have cystitis (bladder infection).
* If you are using an IUD (speak to your doctor – this precaution is only in case you accidentally pull your IUD out when emoving the Contiform)
* Not within 2 months of having a baby.
* If you have a POP ( pelvic organ prolapse) Contiform is not designed for use as a pessary. A small prolapse may allow comfortable insertion, however a large prolapse will preclude correct insertion)

Check with your Health Professional before using Contiform if you
* are leaking constantly
* have had any form of bladder surgery
* suffer from a previously diagnosed condition affecting the bladder.

If you experience any irritation or vaginal discharge during use, remove Contiform and contact your health professional.

Contiform must be removed at least once every 24 hours for cleaning. It should be washed with warm water and non-perfumed soap after each use. Do not boil or place Contiform in the miocrowave during cleaning as this will reduce its effectiveness. However, Contiform can be autoclaved (steam sterilized in a doctor’s practice for re-use).

After washing, dry Contiform thoroughly and put it in the Contiform storage compact until you need to use it again.

One Contiform can be used for up to 45 days or more depending on how often you use it before it needs to be replaced. The device needs to be replaced when starts to crack. You will notice there is a small spilt in your Contiform when you first open it. This is supposed to be there and allows you to bend the device in order to insert it correctly.

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